TANIT is an original brand that evokes the living design produced by NISHIKAWA Katsuhito; an inspiring artist in Europe's contemporary art scene. His varied work; sculpture, fine art, architecture, and furniture converge on his philosophy of “Fine art and design share the quality of creating beauty in our lives”.
The character of TANIT designs is a creativity that is universal and timeless, attuned to the environment and created with a beautiful simplicity that casts off elements that do not contribute to functionality. TANIT designs integrate the Japanese tradition of "tension within beauty" and the "beauty of simple and functional designs" of Germany's Bauhaus.
We are surrounded by architecture that lacks harmony with our surroundings, by furniture that is beautiful but difficult to use, and designs that merely mimic other brands. TANIT is conceptually positioned in complete opposition to these realities.
Regarding the concept of TANIT, NISHIKAWA Katsuhito said “We may discover something of ourselves through the shapes that catch our eye as we go about our lives”.
TANIT products are designed by NISHIKAWA Katsuhito. His works include furniture, jewelry, vases, and other elements. TANIT's primary product is furniture, with a wide variety of models and sizes available including chairs, sofas, beds, drawers, bookshelves, sideboards, and more. TANIT furniture is displayed and used in museums in Europe and the U.S.A. as “functional sculptures”.
(The furniture of Katsuto Nishikawa unfolds in the Europe.