Rosseta/Earring: NISHIKAWA Katsuhito
TANIT jewelry designed by NISHIKAWA Katsuhito includes his Classic Line and Modern Line.
The Classic Line is adopted from a Phoenician ornamental motif and re-created by NISHIKAWA Katsuhito. Phoenicia was an ancient seafaring civilization which flourished in the Mediterranean before Christ. The name TANIT is taken from the name of a Phoenician goddess.
Rosetta, a series in the Classic Line, features elegant designs in a botanical motif. All the pieces offered—necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings—are made in either yellow or white gold. It is said that some of the fine metalworking techniques distinctive to ancient Phoenicia live on only around Sardinia. TANIT re-creates the jewelry by the skilled hands of master German craftsmen.